About Us


Moss Home was started originally as Moss Studio in the living room of Mike “Moss” Moushegyan in 1989. Known as the “Wall Upholstery King” by the community, the company focused mainly on wall draperies and custom upholstered furniture. Moss’s craftsmanship gained popularity and has since been sustaining success and growing with every show and season. Today, Moss Home continues with fine craftsmanship of custom furnishing, textile and bedding collections. After 35 years, we are proud to have a line that is shown in 5 showrooms, has over 500 styles and over 700 carefully chosen fabrics.

Meet Naz

Still a family business, Moss Home continues to evolve under the direction of Creative Director Naz Moushegyan. Naz brings a new energy and fresh look. Her updated perspective of quality and craftsmanship is what sets Moss apart in the custom upholstery and design industry, along with her passion for offering her clients a choice that brings a custom piece to life.

Our Values

Our core values are rooted in care, determination, integrity, and passion, which are reflected in everything we do. As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in our Armenian roots and the American dream that has inspired us to grow and thrive in this industry. We believe in treating our customers like friends and family. We understand that furniture is more than just a functional item; it is an expression of one’s personal style and taste. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide a personalized shopping experience that meets our customers’ unique needs and preferences. 

Our Mission

We are on a mission to create exceptional furniture that not only beautifies homes but also brings comfort, functionality, and style. Our commitment to operating with integrity means that we prioritize sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring that our materials are responsibly sourced and furniture is sustainably made.